Application Process

Reverse Mortgage Application Process

For many pensioners and retirees, the Reverse Mortgage finance process begins with a long period of research. It’s not uncommon for some borrowers to gather information and think about it for 12 months or longer until they actually proceed with a Reverse Mortgage application.

Ideally, before you apply for a senior’s Reverse Mortgage loan you should:

  1. have a clear goal or purpose for the funds
  2. understand how Reverse Mortgages work
  3. be comfortable with the concept of compound interest
  4. discuss it with family, friends or trusted advisers

Once you decide to make a Reverse Mortgage loan application, Seniors First will conduct a detailed interview with you to gather information and recommend suitable lenders. Such good preparation makes the actual application process quick and easy, and most Reverse Mortgages applications complete within 4-6 weeks.

As your Reverse Mortgage broker, Seniors First staff will handle the loan application process for you:

  • recommend suitable Reverse Mortgage lenders
  • submit your loan application to the chosen lender
  • do all the legwork to get your Reverse Mortgage loan approved
  • manage your application until the loan settles

See our 11 step Reverse Mortgage application process:


reverse mortgage application process

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