Reverse Mortgage Calculator

When considering a loan for pensioners or retirees, information is crucial. A reverse mortgage calculator can be a good way for you to see the possible effect of a reverse mortgage over the short, medium and long-term.
Although no one can ever predict what will happen in the future, a reverse mortgage calculator is an effective tool for modelling what may be a likely outcome given the interaction of key variables in any reverse mortgage loan:

  • the amount borrowed
  • the value of the house at the outset
  • the rate of capital growth on the property
  • the interest rate
  • the age of the borrowers
  • time (or the overall loan term)

A reverse mortgage calculation will typically illustrate – at any given time during the loan term – the:

  • the amount you will owe to the lender
  • the future value of your home
  • your future home equity

Please feel free to use the Seniors First online Reverse Mortgage Calculator to obtain your very own reverse mortgage calculation.