Senior’s Home Loans

Senior's Home Loans

In addition to loans for pensioners such as Reverse Mortgages, Seniors First can also help older borrowers who are still working with home loan finance.

With access to dozens of lenders and hundreds of home loan products and options, we find solutions for your specific needs and get your loan approved. We happily share our knowledge of the Australian mortgage market with valuable information to help you get started, and we’ll guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Home Loans for Over 55’s

Since the introduction of the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) regulation regulation in 2010, people over 55 years often report that it is now more difficult to obtain a home loan mortgage for refinance or purchase.

For these senior borrowers, mortgage finance can be a complex financial maze that is tricky to navigate. Depending on your situation, some banks and lenders may be better than others. Although every transaction has its own unique challenges, Seniors First has lots of experience in obtaining mortgage approval for older borrowers seeking to refinance, release home equity, or to purchase a new property.

Benefits of working with Seniors First for your home loan

  • We understand the needs of older borrowers
  • Good success with loan approval for senior’s home loans
  • We instantly connect you with a wide range of banks and lenders
  • Highly skilled professionals with years of lending experience

For those borrowers who are under fifty five years of age seeking a home loan or investment loan, contact online mortgage broker Express Mortgage Market.